About The Artist

I’ve always loved visual arts.  As a child, I had a strong attention to detail and an ability to focus for long periods of time on my crayon creations.  This natural inclination lead me to attend a high school with a dedicated arts  programme. 

Upon graduation, I chose an arts degree at my local university, but was very disappointed by the conceptionally based education it offered.  At this point, with a heavy heart and the advice of my well meaning loved ones, I chose to complete my education by switching to a more “practical” degree.

With this lack of direction I found myself at a job that provided an excellent opportunity to learn and define what I valued and to not sell myself short.

Still, becoming a professional artist still felt like an impossible dream I would never achieve.  I lacked the confidence and belief in myself I needed to make my dreams reality.  At this point, I chose to study Traditional Chinese Medicine.  Perhaps studying a subject that would provide a degree of free thought and practical knowledge plus a title with letters after my name was the answer.  I think you can probably guess how that turned out.

Four years of study and two years of practicing TCM later, I found myself at a crossroads yet again.  But this time was different.  I was more confident.  I was ready to follow my calling.  

I currently work mainly with watercolour and ink mediums.  I get inspiration from nature, stories, and exploring colour.  Similar to when I was young, my work still shows a high level of detail and a freedom of ideas.  I’m interested in creating work that is beautiful, meaningful, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

If you wish to contact me, I can be reached at hello@fionameng.net.  If you wish to support me, you can visit my etsy store linked above.  Artists like me rely on others, and I cannot express how much that support is appreciated.


Yours Truly,

Fiona Meng